Band Lock In

Good Morning!

Back in late September, some of the students asked me to do a Band Lock In as a reward if we received a Superior rating in marching band. I am happy to say they were successful and now it’s time for me to follow through…please read all the info below!

STUDENTS MUST REGISTER BY JANUARY 2, 2020 so that we can accurately order food and plan ahead! Registration Link is Here:

Parents: I need chaperones / volunteers. I will be there all night, at least one other parent who has volunteered to be here all night but I am trying to find 2 other parents to take a shift from either 8PM-11PM, 11PM-2AM, 2AM-5AM, or 5AM-8PM. If you are willing to volunteer for a shift, please register to volunteer at:

Date: January 3, 2020
Location: North Iredell High School Performing Arts Building
Time: 8PM-8AM
Cost: Students need to bring one snack item to share. 

Student Registration Link:


  1. Students will be locked in at 8 PM and will not be allowed to return if they leave the event. 
  2. Student sleeping areas will be split into a boys and girls area. 
  3. Students will only be allowed to sleep in those areas. 
  4. Participation in planned activities will be optional. However if you choose not to participate in the planned activities. You will be required to be in the designated area to watch movies and or play games. 
  5. Video game systems will be allowed but only allowed to play at designated times. 
  6. All other school rules and dress code policy will be enforced. 
  7. Students are subject to the discipline policy of the school during the event. 
  8. Drama and or other issues will not be tolerated at this event.
  9. Food will only be allowed in designated areas.

Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in parents being contacted and the student being sent home and/or consequences through the school discipline policy. 


The students have been addressed and recognize that this is an opportunity to show that they can be trusted to do an event of this nature with no issues. I have no problem giving up my time to do social events however I have warned the students that if we encounter any issues with the event they can guarantee I will not offer it again. Please make sure that you have a ride ready by 8AM on Saturday January 4!

Event Schedule

Ongoing Activities: Movies in the auditorium all night, Board games in band room all night.

8PM – Lock In and meeting
8:15 PM – 10PM – Sardines / Hide and Seek / Group Games
10:00 PM – Pizza break
11:00 PM – Games / Smash Bros Tourney
12:00 AM – 12:30 AM – Prep for Talent Show and Dress Up Contest
1:00 AM – Funky Talent Show and Dress Up Contest
2:00 AM – Live Action Murder Mystery Game
3:00 AM – 5:00 AM – Gym Time
5:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Video Games and Movies