NIHS Band COVID Update

Good Afternoon!

With the ongoing changes and announcement by the Governor this week, along with the announcement of Iredell Statesville Schools plan for starting school. We have to make some updates and announcements regarding upcoming band events. We will be canceling traditional band camp however will be offering a few things for students over the coming weeks. Please see the attached letter for more information. Thanks!

Mr. Brantley

I miss you…

Good Morning,

My 4 year old son Oliver, which most of you know all about has had a hard time that last few nights with calming down and going to sleep. Several times now we have put him in the car to drive around so that he would calm down and fall asleep. Last night, my wife told me that she and he drove around a golf course and he started crying when he saw golf carts. My wife said he was crying because he wanted to go on a golf cart ride. He stays with my parents during the school day and they go on golf cart rides often. While he’s a little young to completely understand what’s going on in the world, he keeps saying “When the virus is gone….” It seems so simple, but his reaction to the golf carts and his rhetoric about the virus is deeply reflected in many of us in one way or another.

The last time I saw all my students in person was roughly 6 weeks ago. A typical summer is about 8 weeks away from students. Each summer I go 8 weeks or more without seeing students.. so why is this 6 weeks right now so difficult? Of course the answer is closure… when we end for summer vacation it’s the build up through a spring concert, band banquet, we put a cap on the end of a year and look forward to starting fresh. We haven’t gotten that this year.. and I’m not sure we’re going to get that chance. Usually at this time of the year I would begin writing my end of year speech for band banquet… I’m sure I will do something like that but right now… I just miss seeing you.

I miss seeing you all waiting for me outside the band room door when I arrive slightly closer to 8 AM. I miss hearing you banter and goof around with each other before school starts and I miss overhearing the latest gossip and then having to pretend I don’t have a clue. I miss seeing the same two people always come in late to class.  Yes, it’s frustrating… but I also know that they’re choosing to give their time to what we do and that ultimately they mean well. I miss telling you to sit up and hold the instrument correctly (trumpets!) during warm ups where half of you are still asleep. I won’t pretend to miss the eye rolling in response to that request but at least when you roll your eyes, I know you were listening to what I said. I miss playing cup ball. I miss the conversations during e-block about everything from serious discussions about what you are doing after high school to wondering whether flexseal and flextape actually work. I miss the memes on the board and how someone goes and changes the titles of all the pieces on the board to slightly different versions of the same songs. Porch of Liberty and Linguini were my favorites.

While I could talk about how I miss making music with you, how I miss seeing you progress as a student and all that entails; the truth is that I miss the relationships we had more than the musical output. While we can do that indirectly through “distance learning”, it’s evident that we all handle that differently. Some of you are thriving with the freedom distance learning gives you, which is awesome to see. Some of you are falling far behind and that makes me sad. I want to help you but without face to face contact, there is very little I can do to make you login and check your assignments or read your email, some of you will never look at this message. I hope some of you will change that for the better in these last weeks of school but for some I’m sure you’re just overwhelmed.

I worry about you all. I worry about how you’re handling all this. I worry for those of you I know that their parent has to work 12 hour shifts while you’re home alone by yourself. I worry about whether you’re making choices you wouldn’t make if we were in school. All of these immediate worries are compacted by worries about the future… are we going back in the fall? Most likely, but we don’t know for sure. Selfishly I worry if all the work I am beginning to do for marching band and Foothills Invitational is just going to be wasted time on my part? If we don’t go back to school.. who on earth would take virtual band?

However despite all the worry I have ultimately I know that things will work out the way they’re meant to work out. There is little I can do to change the future of this situation. All I can do is pray and to strive to make the best choices I can for myself and my family and those students I serve. At leadership camp we talk about servant leadership. Yes, I am accountable to my bosses and my school system to provide work/assignments/instruction but none of that matters in comparison to what I can try to do to help you each deal with this situation as best you can. If there is anything I can do to help you… please let me know. Thus far during the pandemic I have helped with math homework, walked students through repairing their computer, had conversations about how to deal with time management on your own, arranged for food to be delivered to a students house, arranged for a power bill to be paid for a student’s family, and so many other things that go beyond the realm of “band director.” That isn’t me trying to brag or anything, it’s just simply to show that life has to be come before work. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

I miss you all.


Band Lock In

Good Morning!

Back in late September, some of the students asked me to do a Band Lock In as a reward if we received a Superior rating in marching band. I am happy to say they were successful and now it’s time for me to follow through…please read all the info below!

STUDENTS MUST REGISTER BY JANUARY 2, 2020 so that we can accurately order food and plan ahead! Registration Link is Here:

Parents: I need chaperones / volunteers. I will be there all night, at least one other parent who has volunteered to be here all night but I am trying to find 2 other parents to take a shift from either 8PM-11PM, 11PM-2AM, 2AM-5AM, or 5AM-8PM. If you are willing to volunteer for a shift, please register to volunteer at:

Date: January 3, 2020
Location: North Iredell High School Performing Arts Building
Time: 8PM-8AM
Cost: Students need to bring one snack item to share. 

Student Registration Link:


  1. Students will be locked in at 8 PM and will not be allowed to return if they leave the event. 
  2. Student sleeping areas will be split into a boys and girls area. 
  3. Students will only be allowed to sleep in those areas. 
  4. Participation in planned activities will be optional. However if you choose not to participate in the planned activities. You will be required to be in the designated area to watch movies and or play games. 
  5. Video game systems will be allowed but only allowed to play at designated times. 
  6. All other school rules and dress code policy will be enforced. 
  7. Students are subject to the discipline policy of the school during the event. 
  8. Drama and or other issues will not be tolerated at this event.
  9. Food will only be allowed in designated areas.

Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in parents being contacted and the student being sent home and/or consequences through the school discipline policy. 


The students have been addressed and recognize that this is an opportunity to show that they can be trusted to do an event of this nature with no issues. I have no problem giving up my time to do social events however I have warned the students that if we encounter any issues with the event they can guarantee I will not offer it again. Please make sure that you have a ride ready by 8AM on Saturday January 4!

Event Schedule

Ongoing Activities: Movies in the auditorium all night, Board games in band room all night.

8PM – Lock In and meeting
8:15 PM – 10PM – Sardines / Hide and Seek / Group Games
10:00 PM – Pizza break
11:00 PM – Games / Smash Bros Tourney
12:00 AM – 12:30 AM – Prep for Talent Show and Dress Up Contest
1:00 AM – Funky Talent Show and Dress Up Contest
2:00 AM – Live Action Murder Mystery Game
3:00 AM – 5:00 AM – Gym Time
5:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Video Games and Movies